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Crimson and Whiskey creates portraits that help you step up your online dating game and find a lasting connection.


After years in the online dating scene I have first hand knowledge of the lack of good looking photos out there. Did you know that first impressions are everything? Finding your partner can start with a single #rightswipe.


If you aren't having luck in the online dating scene, let me help!


the journey

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People are visual. That first impression of someone really makes or breaks things.


I don't know how many times I have been on a dating app and been so unimpressed with the photos that I immediately #swipeleft. That's a sad but true reality for a lot of us and when we are the ones on the LEFT side of things, we end up getting frustrated and giving up on love.


I don't want that for you! I want you to succeed and I know that by simply changing this one thing will turn those #LEFTswipes into #RIGHTswipes!



Researchers out of Princeton University have found that people make judgments about such things as trustworthiness, competence, and LIKE-ABILITY within a fraction of a second

after seeing someone’s face.


We decide very quickly whether a person possesses many of the traits we feel are important even though we

have not exchanged a

single word with them.


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